hallway is the connecting corridor through the various rooms the series roseroserose builds.

hallway takes its shape as resin wall mounted sculptures of the Virgin Mary hanging at various eye levels around the gallery space. Each sculpture is embedded with mp3 players, with attached headphones for individual listening. As guests place headphones on their ears they are immersed in a sequence of field recordings and poems nvk has written.

With “books” nvk first attempts to remember The Golden Ass by Apuleius, finishing retelling a fragmented poem juxtaposing memories of a fire island rendezvous with one of his time as care-taker for his then dying grandmother. nvk forces the listener to enter a space where love, reverence, and death are constantly intertwined.

“birthday” expresses a similar theme as it moves from a recording taken at his grandmother’s, Rose’s, 91st birthday—which would be her last birthday alive. This recording comes in and out of poems centering around loss, ending with a field recording of a jazz musician in the subway on the third anniversary of Rose’s death. 


Installation at The Invisible Dog Art Center 

images courtesy of Simon Courchel